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Quassy’s new coaster to have Timberliner train

Quassy Amusement Park’s new wooden roller coaster, scheduled to debut in 2011, will feature a state-of-the-art Timberliner train of cars from Gravitykraft Corp., the sister company to The Gravity Group – designers of the Quassy ride. Park officials made the announcement today.
“This new generation of coaster cars is an ideal fit for our ride,” said park President Eric Anderson. “We saw the prototype last year at our annual trade show in Las Vegas and it immediately grabbed our attention.”
The Timberliner train constructed for Quassy will be the first Gravitykraft unit to be installed on a new ride in the United States.

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Timberliner at IAAPA Coverage

NewsPlusNotes just posted an special report about the Timberliner cars from the IAAPA Expo trade show floor: link.

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Timberliner Show Car Photo and Postcard

At our booth 4419, we will be showcasing the all-new Timberliner car.

Timberliner Postcard - front

On the Polaroid image area, you’ll be able to place your “on-ride” photo.

Here is the back of the postcard showing off the benefits of the Timberliner on a wooden roller coaster.

Timberliner Postcard - back

Be sure to stop by, say hi, and hop in the car.

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IAAPA 2009 Ad

As the trade show approaches, we can’t help but be excited to reveal even more about the new Timberliner train.

Here’s the left portion of our Amusement Today ad is this image focusing on The Gravity Group.
IAAPA Ad 2009

After many months of suspense, here’s a small image of what the body of the (front) car will look like. Of course the Voyage images show other detail as well.

For full details, you’ll just have to come to the IAAPA Expo booth #4419 to sit in the car, and yes, you can get your on-ride photo (we’re not kidding).

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Prototype testing video – March 2009

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Splinter Secret

The Splinter<sup>fx</sup> model showing an aquarium theme

The Splinterfx model showing an aquarium theme

You may recall the Splinterfx from the past trade show – the only immersively themed wooden coaster. This ride is made possible only with the unique Splinter vehicles. However, one may wonder what the vehicles look and feel like. The need to wonder is no more.

Splinter Car Fits Family of Four (click to enlarge)

These trains can maneuver an unheard-of six-foot radius, allowing a custom ride to be fit into a compact space. The result is a hybrid dark-ride and roller coaster experience. Guests will want to ride multiple times to experience the ride facing forward and backwards. The level of intensity of a ride can vary to accommodate families with children 36 inches and taller. This ride demonstrates the endless possibilities of a Splinter style ride – from movies to pirates and more!

The secret: You can probably see that the Splinter car looks eerily related to our new Timberliner train. We actually designed the front car’s chassis to be a multi-use chassis for both the Timberliner and the Splinter car! The front of the chassis has an alternate mounting to enable backwards facing seats. The objective is to standardize on all the car parts for an optimal product.

More Splinter fun stuff:

The Splinter - Customizable and Compact (click to enlarge)

watch out for the creepy moray eel

watch out for the creepy moray eel

Pirate Themed Ride (click to enlarge)

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Timberliners Take Off

Can anyone guess what ride was the first to host our beloved Timberliner prototype train? Timberliners came to life a few weeks back at an undisclosed park that is known to be #1 for Family Fun.

It was a historic time for our industry as the most advanced wooden coaster trains successfully completed the rigors of testing on a roller coaster.

There is no “maybe” or “might” when we talk about how much better our trains are. We have data. LOTS of data. Engineers like data. Timberliners outperform the typical coaster train in so many ways. It is time to usher in technologically advanced wooden coaster cars – the old millennium is over.

Besides Timberliners navigating the track better than anything else, there is a lot to love about these trains:

  • Ergonomics – These cars are comfy (suspension, padding, and better tracking)
  • Track Maintenance – These cars are lightweight and distribute forces better to the track
  • Car Maintenance – These cars are easy to work on and take apart

There are a lot of other great features about the cars too – like the bright orange bodies! We are excited to share more details about these great wooden coaster cars. They are truly unique and special. Here are some photos that we took during the testing.

A Timberliner crests a hill and experiences airtime (click to enlarge)

Korey & Mike take a break from testing and relax in a Timberliner (click to enlarge)

Another Timberliner train action shot (click to enlarge)

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Gravity Group Engineers Unveil Next-Generation Wood Coaster Train

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 18, 2008
MEDIA CONTACT: Korey Kiepert, (513) 948-8400,

Cincinnati, Ohio —- The engineers at The Gravity Group started with a blank sheet of paper and ended up with the next generation of trains for wooden roller coasters.

“Timberliners incorporate new technology – such as magnetic braking and restraint monitoring – that wasn’t even imagined when wooden coaster cars were first developed,” says Michael Graham, lead engineer for the project. “When it comes to wooden coasters, The Gravity Group has more experience designing rides than anyone. We’ve applied that expertise in designing trains that addresses every facet of roller coaster performance and function – from maintenance and safety to rider enjoyment and capacity.”

Timberliners are designed to be compatible with existing wooden coasters, allowing a park to upgrade their roller coasters with Timberliner trains.

Key features of the trains include:
• Single-bench design
• Shock absorption and ergonomic styling
• Unparalleled ability to smoothly navigate the track for decreased train & track maintenance
• Innovative restraint system for unsurpassed safety and security
• Restraints designed for higher throughput
• ASTM F2291 Class 5 restraint with integrated monitoring
• On-board sound system capable
• Magnetic braking capable
• Launch system capable

Timberliners are available for purchase in time for the 2009 operating season through The Gravity Group’s sister company, Gravitykraft.

Additional information about The Gravity Group, LLC and the Timberliner coaster trains is available at their website:

About The Gravity Group

The Gravity Group, LLC is the wooden coaster design firm that amusement parks look to for top ten coaster designs – including the #1 rated Voyage wooden coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The Gravity Group is currently designing China’s first wooden roller coaster.

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Press Release PDF

Timberliner Logo

Timberliner Logo

Timberliner postcard

Timberliner postcard

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